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MEDIUM Mushroom Log


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Our MEDIUM Mushroom Log should "flush" or begin fruiting the following year, and then flush 3-5 times per year, for 4-6 years, depending. It will provide you a generous and consistent supply of fresh, delicious, organic, gourmet edible mushrooms ... for many years to come!  Easy to care for. We've done all the work for you!  Complete and simple instructions for growing are included with each log.  You may grow your log indoors or outside in the cool shade where there's access to water...and then, just wait.    Choose either Oyster, Shiitake, Chicken of the Woods, or Lion's Mane.   Force flush in spring by soaking your mushroom log submerged in cold water overnight, and return to it's place...and wait some more!  You may spray or soak your log briefly anytime the bark seems dry, or you just want to connect, reflect, and give gratitude for nature's effortless abundance.