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Shiitake ~ the Mushroom of LOVE

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"Shiitakes have been cultivated in China and Japan for 2,000 years. In Japanese, shii means “from a hardwood tree,” and take means “mushroom.” In its fresh form, the shiitake mushroom has a rich, buttery, meaty flavor quite unlike the flavors of other mushroom varieties. When dried, the shiitake’s flavors concentrate to a smoky richness..."

- Fine Cooking, how to choose, store, prepare Shiitake Mushrooms

All about the Shiitake:

    Shiitake as FOOD

    How to Prepare Shiitake Mushrooms - 7 EASY STEPS with pictures
    "The shiitake mushroom is a favorite of those who prefer a meaty, rich-flavored mushroom. Originating from Asian countries, primarily Japan and Korea, this variety was once gathered mainly in the wild but is now cultivated. Shiitake mushrooms are large in size and have an earthy flavor that is typical of wild mushrooms. Shiitake mushrooms go well in meat dishes, soups, sauces and gravies, or can be prepared as a side dish. Because they are so rich and flavorful, they can also be used as a substitute for meat. They can also be cooked using a variety of methods to bring out their naturally good flavor. Learning how to prepare shiitake mushrooms will give you the basics to create many dishes using this hearty variety of mushroom."


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