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Our Story

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We are asked all the time, "how on EARTH did you come up with the idea of a mushroom log business?..." 

My answer is inevitably, "Well, i found myself old and retired and in need of something new and exciting to do, and my only physical asset was the beautiful 50 acre old growth forest where we've lived off-grid for the last 20 years. So I sat quietly with the forest, and focused, and i let the forest speak...."

"....Use what you HAVE to make what you love and share it with others...."

The Fruits of our Labor

Gotta tell you...wild mushrooms make me uncomfortable....some are poisonous and there are MILLIONS of them you have to know, so I started googling "growing mushrooms" and quickly discovered that all the plastics and products required to grow mushrooms the modern way....was....ah, expensive, created a lot of garbage, and required strict and artificial environmental controls.  Not a very sustainable system!

  So we turn our mind to the old school ways and used the power of the internet to tap into the old records...and we started making mushroom logs for ourselves in a more low tech/high touch third world sort of way....on LOGS in the FOREST where nature does most of the work.

Our natural wild Red Alder (hardwood) logs (Alnus rubra) are carefully selected and sustainably-harvested by hand from our private, old growth forest on the southwest slope of Mt. Rainier in Washington State.  We harvest the trees at the peAk of their health and vigor, during their dormant season when they are plump from the mountain rains, and bursting with the energy of our mineral-rich volcanic soil...always exciting!

We process and inoculate our largest log lengths for our 'shroomery and use carefully-selected strains of gourmet, edible mushrooms, including Oyster, Shiitake,  Chicken of the Woods, Lion's Mane, or Reishi.  We prefer locally-sourced Pacific Northwest organic mushroom spawn, and use it to inoculate logs and populate our 'shroomery's log "laying yards"  in the dark, cool forest.... VERY exciting!

Keeping with our "trashless" lifestyle...soon we had to think about all the left over branches, funky cuts and odds and ends...

FUNky Cuts

THIS unique and exclusive online collection of mushroom logs are the odd sizes, the funky cuts, and "too smalls" and "too shorts" the "too gorgeously curved," the beautifully knotted, bits, etc., and are WAY too wonderful for we rolled up our sleeves, gathered up our tools, and used up all our leftovers and made market logs, took them to the local farmer's market...where they were an immediate success! People LOVE them!  (...actually we OVER inoculated our market logs so they will start fruiting sooner, in case you are not as patient as we are to receive nature's bounty.)   We are thrilled to help spread the enthusiasm and knowledge about the ancient art of growing  gourmet edible mushrooms on REAL logs....the old school way.  high touch, low tech, slow food for your future.


 "FUNky Cuts and Odds and EnDs" 

We've classed these gorgeously-prepared mushroom logs into four basic sizes (all sizes are approximate because each log is distinct!) ...small, medium, long, and totem,...and we try to keep a really nice, consistent selection of mushroom TYPE, too!   Our logs are also priced by size, from $25 with shipping extra.  We happily ship to anywhere in the domestic USA.

Simply choose your log size and then your mushroom type and make your purchase using our safe and secure online checkout. Your log will be shipped to you right away and will arrive inoculated and incubated and ready to finish colonizing in YOUR environment and will be ready to bloom in 6-12 months and continue to bloom and provide fresh, gourmet mushrooms for years to come!

so, you see.....We've already done all the HARD work for you, and mother nature will largely take care of the rest...all you have to do is soak your log overnight submerged in cold water every 30 days or so (if the weather isn't rainy)...and wait!  Your log will start blooming when its time is right.  To keep your log blooming, harvest your mushrooms by plucking them all off by hand, and continue soaking overnight submerged in cold water every 30 days

Get some YUMMY UMAMI into your tomorrows!...grow Mushroom Logs lovingly crafted for you by the "FUNky CuTs" crew at tahoma'shroomery!



  • We just received our logs in the mail, and we are so excited to set them up. They are absolutely beautiful. 100% recommended! Thank you so much!

    Victoria on

  • I came across these mushroom logs while browsing Pike’s Place Market in Seattle and thought they were so cool! I bought one for myself and then proceeded to order several more online as gifts for friends and family. They were a big hit and everyone is excited to start seeing them grow! Thank you guys for this great product and for your excellent customer service; I’m proud to support your business!

    Rob on

  • I have visited the actual site at Tahomas shroomery. It is the real deal. This woman and her partner live off the grid in the enchanted forests near the base of Mt. Rainier. I have seen first hand the love and the energy that they put into the endeavor of making these wonderful logs. The energy and the connection with the incredible nature is, in my opinion, spiritual. When you taste these wonderful gifts of nature, you will be moved by the love and energy that goes into creating and nurturing these logs.. Keep up the good work, and thank you for the excellent product.

    Tony Rinna on

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