Mushroom Logs - Ends & Pieces & FUNky cutS

This one of a kind collection of Mushroom Logs are the "odds and ends" and FUNky cuts, recrafted by the beautiful people who work producing fresh mushrooms in our commercial 'shroomery on Mt. Rainier in Washington State.  

Each one-of-a-kind Red Alder (hardwood) log in this collection is sustainably-harvested and fully and carefully inoculated with your choice of either Oyster, Shiitake, or Chicken of the Woods mushrooms.  These limited availability logs are offered "first come/first served" in three approximate sizes: small, medium, or long.  Your log will be shipped with minimal packaging via USPS 's most economical rate, and will arrive with complete and simple care instructions for growing and fruiting your log, inside or outside.

Your log will arrive ready to grow...nothing else for you to do except find it the perfect "place" to live, and then sit back, relax...and wait!  No added work required.  No complicated growing knowledge needed.   

Kept outside, you can expect your first "flush' (or fruiting) of mushrooms in the spring.  Your log should provide 3-5 flushes every year, over the 3-to-9 year life of your log (the larger the log, the longer it lives, and the more mushrooms it provides!)  

Before long, you will be harvesting your own delicious and nutritious, organic, gourmet, edible mushrooms...and enjoying your own fresh, home-grown mushroom for many years to come!  

A Mushroom Log is the PERFECT GIFT for interesting people of all ages and interests, and for all gift-giving occasions.  We are happy to wrap and ship your gift log for you, and will even add a personalized gift card and note from extra charge.

A Mushroom Log (or three?) make a great long-term "home school" project. Mushrooms are fungi... not animal, not mineral, not vegetable... fungi is a unique life form, and the largest class of living thing on earth! They have been harvested, cultivated, and traded among humans all around the world for millennia, and have a long and rich history of culinary and medicinal use to explore.  Mushrooms...or fungi generally...are the hottest new building material, the most promising of new ecological remediation practices, and the

A mushroom log makes an intriguing focal point in your pantry or kitchen, or out on the deck, terrace, or in the garden, and ALWAYS provokes conversation and connection....between people, with nature, and with life.

Our "low tech/high touch" old-world methods of mushroom log production creates NO WASTE or trash, and generates no plastics.  We use every molecule of every resource and everything about our logs is organic, sustainable, and ALL NATURAL.  When your log reaches the end of its natural life, simply recycle it into a fresh bed of hardwood chips, and keep your mushroom growing...forever!  

(We've also inoculated each log with love, joy, and prosperity from our family and friends, to yours.)