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LONG Mushroom Log


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Our LONG Mushroom Log (approx 35" x 5"+) is ready to go....all you have to do is....relax and wait!  Your log should "flush" (begin fruiting) in the following year, and produce 3-5 flushes a year for 6-9 years, providing you a steady and generous supply of fresh, organic, edible mushrooms.  Choose Oyster, Shiitake, or Chicken of the Woods mushrooms.  Keep your logs indoors or outside in a cool & shade, and water as needed.  To "force" your log to "flush" simply submerge in cold water (simulating spring-like conditions) for 24 hours, and return to its place....and wait.  You may also spray or soak your log briefly if your log seems dry.  Complete and simple care instructions are included with each log.