Small Lion's Mane mushroom LOG


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Think Tinker Toys!  Let's rebuild a LOG! ...from mushroom log pieces!  Its a marvel to behold!  Mushroom mycelium inside totem pieces grows stacked log pieces back together again !  no kidding! ...just like what eating delicious (tastes like lobster) Lion's Mane mushrooms do in the brain!

Choose 1, 2, 3...or more of these specially crafted and fully inoculated 5"  Lion's Mane mushroom Totem Log PIECES, and stack and restack them however you like...inside or outside...and regrow your OWN, unique, one-piece Lion's Mane mushroom totem LOG!

From the pieces, comes the whole!  Nature is miraculous!

 ...pick your pieces, mix and match however you want, and stack your own totem... just stack em like you want then, and wait....your pieces will knit themselves together into a single log which will provide fresh, delicious, edible, gourmet Lion's Main mushrooms (taste like lobster!) ...and which are so good for the BRAIN!  Or....grow just one totem piece...either way, your Lion's Mane will be happy!

The Lion's Mane mushroom spawn in each totem piece will grow a thick mat inside and colonize that piece, then "join" any other totem piece(s) it is touching, and knit all those touching pieces together into a single totem LOG!  Think straight, or think abstract...YOU get to shape your own mushroom log to your own liking!

Your mushroom log will produce mushrooms for 4-6 years and provide pounds of fresh, organic, gourmet lion's mane mushrooms over its life. Grow inside or outside.  Complete instructions provided.

What a GREAT GIFT for people of all ages and brain functions!
A perfect home-school project!
A colorful, lovely, and unique conversation piece in your own home or garden.  Note:  the red is cheese wax, used to seal and protect the inoculation holes through the bark of these totem log pieces.   it is totally organic and edible grade, and will come off on its own when the time is right.

Lion's Mane - The "SMART MUSHROOM" <<< discover WHY it is so good for your Brain and body!

For complete Lion's Mane totem log CARE instructions please see product description for our SPECIAL  "Silver and Blue" 2018 Holiday Lion's Mane Totem Log.